What Dental Service Do You Need?

From services as simple as teeth cleaning to as complex as dental implants, Laguna Hills Denti offers it all, and that too, free of cost to all Medi-Cal-qualified residents in California!

Laguna Hills Denti is a one-stop solution to all your dental problems. Our dental experts and hygienists ensure you get the dental attention you need when you need it without worrying about the money! If you’ve got a Medi-Cal card, money is a non-issue!

What Dental Treatments Do We Offer at Laguna Hills Denti?

At Laguna Hills Denti, we offer all dental treatments free of cost. Whatever complaint it is that you have, see our dental expert today and get your dental issues sorted right away!


If you’re experiencing a toothache or increased sensitivity, the chances that you might need a dental filling are high. Visit us at Laguna Hills Denti to get your dental filling and say farewell to sensitivity and pain for good.

Dental Veneers

Does the appearance of your teeth make you conscious? If yes, visit us to get dental veneers. Dental veneers are tooth-colored shells placed over the teeth to conceal discoloration or chipped or broken teeth. A solution to all your cosmetic concerns – dental veneers!

Dental Implants

Dental implants could make up for the lost tooth if you lost a tooth due to gum disease, an accident, or an injury. You no longerhave to smile consciously. At Laguna Hills Denti, we offer dental implant service absolutely free of cost!

Emergency Dental Care

We entertain dental emergencies at Laguna Hills Denti. If you’re suffering from a severe toothache or have been in an accident or injury where your teeth got affected, our dental experts will provide you with the care you need for free!

Orthodontics for Children

If your child has a valid Medi-Cal card, they’re most welcome to Laguna Hills Denti. We offer orthodontic treatments for free to children as well!


If you’re missing a tooth, you can get dentures at Laguna Hills Denti. If you already have dentures, but they’ve loosened, we can offer denture adjustment and repair services as well!

Cosmetic Dentistry

If you aren’t very happy with how your teeth look (alignment, shape, size, color, etc.), you can visit Laguna Hills Denti for free cosmetic dental treatments from our experts!

All this and more for free.

As much as it’s hard to believe, it’s absolutely true! Visit Laguna Hills Denti today and get the dental treatment that you need. Don’t forget to bring your Medi-Cal card along!


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