Looking for the Best Dentists in Laguna Hills?

Laguna Hills Denti offers the finest dental services free of cost to qualified California residents.
Laguna Hills Denti is enrolled with the Medi-Cal program to offer qualified individuals free dental services without hassle. If you’re qualified for Medi-Cal, your qualification also extends to Denti-Cal, making you eligible for free dental services.
Whether it’s a toothache or your dentist has recommended a more extensive dental procedure like a root canal or dentures, you can get it all done for free at Laguna Hills Denti. All you need is a valid Medi-Cal Benefits Identification Card.

Our Offices

Laguna Hills Denti now has 2 offices. We are now serving more people every day with our operations
extended over two clinics.

Why Visit Laguna Hills

If you’re in California and are looking for the best Laguna Hills dental services, Laguna Hills Denti is where you should be right now. There’s no better option.

What Sets Laguna Hills
Denti Apart?

You’ll find plenty of dental service providers in Laguna Hills, California. Some may even be enrolled with Medi-Cal. But what does Laguna Hills Denti offer that sets us apart from others?
If you want to be absolutely sure about your decision to visit Laguna Hills Denti at any of the two locations, here’s what sets us apart – we don’t just offer dental services, but we also offer hygiene training to all our patients to help them improve their dental health by improving their day-to-day practices. We ensure that every patient who visits us leaves not just with healthier and cleaner teeth but a new mindset to keep their dental health on top, just like they do with their physiological and physical health and well-being!
Our registered dental assistants and hygienists teach all the patients the correct brushing and flossing techniques so that dental problems can be avoided in the future.
We aim to help as many people as possible improve their dental health!


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